Monday, September 17, 2007

Kimkins Suggests Member is Mentally Ill Warns Again After Being on the Inside of Kimkins

Also from KimkinsExposed:

Kimmer Suggests Member is Mentally Ill
Monday, September 17th

In a very strange reply today, Kimmer (Heidi Diaz) suggested a member who feels saddened by all that’s happening is mentally ill! The distraught member posted this message to Kimmer, edited for readability only, all text remains exactly as written, just reformatted to read better,

Kimmer,are you going to ban me for telling you just how very depressed i am that all my forum friends are gone, and though i have been a member here since march, i now know no one…. do you know what it is like to be abandoned? do you know how it causes so much stress and desperation? are they going to come back????? i think not- you chose not to be upfront about their questions, you chose to hide yourself—-why dont you just go on tv and put all these rumours to rest??? so they will perhaps come back….so i wont wish i was dead…..

This site was so much with Christin, Becky, Amy, - no one even goes on my forums anymore-go and check- i had established some nice relationships with these people-now they are gone-and you are unapproachable, because we all fear you will ban us if we arent completely compliant…..

Show yourself Kimmer,,,,put this all to rest so we can all get on with the matter at hand, and reestablish friendships…. If you ban me, let it be a warning to all of us that are left, exactly what they are up against……..

Kimmer’s reply,
I agree that your posts sound as thought you might need to talk with someone. A professional. If you work, they will have a mental health referral or EAP. If you don’t have insurance your county health department has resources with a sliding fee schedule.Now i don’t mean to sound harsh either, but I’m not good at this. I’m not a warm & fuzzy person. I never know what to say. But just as I’m not a doctor, I’m not a therapist. There’s a million reasons for overeating and depression is a big one. Once you get help for that, it will make everything in your life a bit easier.

Not only does Kimmer completely fail to acknowledge the critical points of controversy here, she replies in a way that can only be considered heartless and cold.

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