Sunday, September 16, 2007

On to Atkins

I am re-reading Dr Atkins New Diet Revolution. I realized that when I did Atkins 3 years ago that I never read the entire book. If I had I probably wouldn't have quit eating low carb.

I am still losing weight. At a slower rate but it feels so much better! The 6 weeks I did Kimkins I had this little devil sitting on my shoulder telling me it was not healthy. Yes, quick weight loss drew me in . . . . but not at the expense of my hair and my health.

I have accomplished my first mini-goal which was to get below 214 (my previous lowest weight from doing Atkins 3 years ago.) I am .02 lbs away from accomplishing my 2nd mini-goal which is to lose more than 34 lbs (what I lost 3 years ago!)

My other mini-goals are:

180-so that I weigh less than DH
170-what I weighed when I got married 13 years ago
150-current goal weight altho this may be adjusted down to 130-140 as I get closer.

The difference now with eating low carb and losing weight is: This time it is not a diet, it is a WOE for the rest of my life. And I do not talk about "if" I lose weight . . . . . it is now WHEN I lose weight because I am fully committed to losing weight and being healthy.

I had breakfast with my mom yesterday (I had 3 scrambled eggs with broccoli, bacon, and cream cheese-it was the best!) She needs to lose weight as well. She was asking me some questions so I offered to let her read one of the 3 DANDR books that I have.

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